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There are several new types of NPCs in Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. These NPCs not only bring diversity and life to the province of Tamriel, but they are crucial for the new gameplay structures. The very static nature of rewards and challenges in OOO creates a need for more variety of NPC encounters and NPC factions. The additions are tailored to mesh seamlessly with the world of Nirn and with the lore of the TES Series. They also have their own unique dungeons, items, lore, and association to existing stories and quests.

The list below includes only unique NPCs added by OOO, as well as new factions: Amazons, Argonian Smugglers, Bosmer Rangers, Dunmer Slavers, Guardians of Oblivion, Knights of the Dragonborne, Putrid Hand, Raiders, Skyrim Bandits, and Sylvan Rangers.

Dead NPCs

Amel Lentus
Gherst Baerne
Orio Torne
Orvas Meltraden
Rinfal Vrethu

Friendly/Neutral NPCs

Aksel the Battlemage
Chief Derahed Faylu
Chief Vandral Lerys
Eidkee V'shiir
Sir Alain Uruk

Hostile NPCs

Ancient Lord Volmyr
Apria Donteius
Astor Orontes
Carla Du Vrey
Ederiath Vrastal
Faran Hestarius
Fayth Noor
Hlofor the Arctic Bear
Hrun Illmouth
Lady of Embers
Lord Feydnaz
Lord of Sigillum Sanguis
Master Lien Valeth
Prince Xyval Vyktur
Reaver of Ghuul Icxth
Sheil Hestarius
Sigil Keeper
Vyka Herlst
Voice of Nature