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This is the changelog for previous versions of OOO.


This is a major update. Full details are provided in the readme in the archive.

  • OOO now requires OBSE - many features already required it, but now it's official.
  • Overhauled the Geomancy system, added spells for garnets and both tourmalines, and renamed the nuggets.
  • Overhauled and optimized the container scripts.
  • Incorporated Lock Bash Omega.
  • Added an ini file.
  • Removed all inebriation effects. This change is not retroactive - if you've already got the inebriation effect, you'll have to start a new game to remove it.
  • Overhauled the DLT system. It still works the same as before, but it no longer uses placeatme and is more efficient overall.
  • Ayleid Meteoric iron weapons now have a Restore Magicka effect. This was already in place, but several errors in the script prevented it from working properly. The effect is based on the player's Willpower and only works at night (from 2000 to 0600).
  • Added blood spray to frost/fire/storm atronachs added by OOO's LLs (the base creatures already had them).
  • Set AR for all magical fur shields to 4 (matches the unenchanted shield).
  • Moved two chests in Pothole Caverns to avoid a conflict with Bow of Blades/Nicoroshi Creations (thus obviating the OOO-Bow of Blades Patch).
  • Moved a chest in the Cheydinhal Mages Guild to avoid a conflict with Cyrodiil Travel Services.
  • Renamed Platinum Coin to Ayleid Coin for lore purposes and to fix compatibility with COBL.
  • Set min level for the SerpentsTrailOgre to 18 (matches UOP).
  • Various minor tweaks, fixes, and optimizations.

v1.40 (courtesy of LethargicOwl)

  • All Imperial Dragon Armor pieces now have Grand enchantments (the greaves/gauntlets/helmets had Common).
  • Jaguars now have 200 Fatigue instead of 12.
  • Flame Ring no longer has Weakness to Fire 50%.
  • Fixed the mesh/icon for hellhound skin.
  • Fixed some errors in the script that prevents males from wearing Amazon armor.
  • Various spelling/typo fixes.


  • All magical armors now have values commensurate with their enchantments (using vanilla formulas).
  • Removed the TG11 script from two weapons (Arce Lango and Arce Volenbal) that made them crumble when equipped.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Sir Alain Uruk's dialogue that reverted to a previous quest after completing the questline.
  • Ghostly Warriors will no longer sleep (they had a bandit Sleep package).
  • Orvas Meltraden and a certain sword will now be enabled when you read a book related to them.
  • Fixed a rare bug where dead animals would be walking around alive when you entered a dungeon.
  • Renamed some meteoric weapons that retained old nomenclature.
  • Various spelling and grammar fixes.
  • Fixed placement of some objects.


  • Fixed the model for the tarnished Imperial Legion helm so it shows up properly.
  • Fixed the mesh for the perfect pearl (it was using the flawless pearl mesh).
  • Fixed the missing textures for most of the meteoric arrows (the ones that needed it).
  • Fixed the missing meshes/textures/icons for hellhound skin and mazken skin.
  • Fixed the missing jaguar textures.
  • Fixed the dead Dragonborn Knight outside Goblin Jim's Cave who was buried in the ground.
  • Added the female mesh/ground model to the Heaven's Fury cuirass (they were present, just not assigned).
  • Added the missing gem icons to the BSA.
  • Added map markers for Grave Ground Cave and Deep Cover Cave.
  • Grounded/adjusted various objects as necessary.
  • Ran TES4Files on the BSA and removed lots of unusued/duplicate files.


  • A completely new quest by Shadowborn. Without giving away too much, the quest is designed for mid-level characters. It involves the Knights of the Dragonborn and the various Goblin Tribes.
  • A large selection of unique rewards for killing Gargoyles. Finally some well-deserved rewards can be gained if you are brave enough to defeat these powerful monsters. Huge thanks to bg2408 for this.
  • Additional in-game hints, clues, and lore related to the some of the unique static items you can find. Thanks to Dazu in relation to SunChild.
  • Massive corrections to the spelling and grammar in the books, notes, and other texts added by OOO. Huge thanks to Dazu for this.
  • Support for Knights of the Nine. Adapted from FCOM_Knights, this optional plugin rebalances KotN with stronger enemies, OMOBS weapon stats, and resolves conflicts with the quest rewards.
  • PyFFI mesh optimizations and BSA resources! Resources optimized and moved into a BSA file! This involves a huge amount of work and testing to get the BSA working properly, including fixes for texture paths, missing mipmaps, and various mesh properties. See separate change list below for details.
  • Light of Dawn sword scripts now include better detection of player vampire status.
  • Removed debug comments from LapDrunkScript.
  • Additional improvements for Carla Du Vrey and Hindaril.
  • Additional script fixes for AMIW.
  • OMOBS fixes and tweaks by BFG99.
  • Optional no_daedric item plug-in. Removes daedric items from the leveled lists as requested by some users. The original hand placed items remain unaltered, as do selected enemies that carry them.
  • New BSA format which includes all Textures, Meshes and Sounds.
  • Changed mesh and texture paths to avoid overlaps with Martigen's Monster Mod for some creatures used in both mods.
  • Added mipmaps to all "worn" armor textures.
  • Fixed bad texture path in the "unfinished steel" cuirass meshes.
  • Renamed the "unfinished steel" armor meshes to "cuirass.nif".
  • Includes PyFFI mesh optimizations by HawkerT. Optimizations include: architecture, clutter, dungeons, harvest, RD, Rocks, va, Weapons.
  • Added mipmaps and removed unused alpha channels from defensive staffs; removed transparency settings from NIF properties on the staffs that don't use transparency.
  • New ESM/ESP is included due to changes in "unfinished steel" armor mesh paths. Plus a cleanup of many armour models.
  • A few little surprises in the form of new enemies.
  • Minor fixes and alterations, many of which details I've forgotten